5.4 Haughton High School-Wing Under Construction

The project includes a new administrative building at the southwest corner of the campus that will be attached to a new classroom wing. The classroom wing will be 2 stories and include 22 classrooms, plus 6 business classrooms and 2 SPED classrooms.  The new building will be directly connected to the existing administration building, which will be repurposed.  New canopies will connect the new building to the library and other buildings on the campus.  In addition, a new 70 space parking lot will be added west of the bus drop off.  A temporary parking lot for 50 cars is also included between H wing & the Home Economics Building.


The building slab was completed in late December 2020.  Structural steel erection started February 8th, 2021 and is scheduled to be finished in mid-March, to be followed by exterior walls.  Overall construction is nearing 25% completion.